Real weight loss stories

Royce Beers story (with video)

27th May 2011

Hawaiians love to eat. Their lifestyle is to enjoy life, eat and be happy. Royce thinks thats why he gained a lot of weight. He wasn’t doing very well health wise. Royce’s family honestly feel that Bios Life Slim saved their life. As soon as Royce started using it, he started losing weight. Royce belives that it was a major contributor and motivator in his weight loss journey. Continue reading

Ryan Barnett’s story (with video)

26th May 2011
Ryan Barnett lost 63lbs in 3 months with Bios Life Slim

Doctors were worried that at Ryan’s young age his obesity was affecting his health. His blood pressure was high, his cholesterol was high and doctors thought that his weight was going to become a risk factor in many other areas. As he gained weight he went from being an outgoing, friendly person to a distant figure. When Ryan got out of high school, he became busy with work and study and was over 100lbs heavier than he used to be. Find out how Ryan used Bios Life Slim to get his life back! Continue reading