Royce Beers story (with video)

27th May 2011
Royce Beers weight loss story

Royce Beers after losing 100lbs

Hawaiians love to eat. Their lifestyle is to enjoy life, eat and be happy. Royce thinks thats why he gained a lot of weight. He wasn’t doing very well health wise. Royce’s family honestly feel that Bios Life Slim saved their life. As soon as Royce started using it, he started losing weight. Royce belives that it was a major contributor and motivator in his weight loss journey.

Royce has lost 100lbs (45kg) on Bios Life Slim, his cholesterol dropped 50 points in the first week of using it.

He was a heart attack waiting to happen. He couldn’t get any medical insurance as his health was so bad. He is now the picture of health.

It was Royce’s Wife and Brother in law who first began using Bios Life Slim. They quickly noticed the health and weight loss benefits. Once Royce saw the changes in his family he too decided to give it a go. Exercise is now a regular family activity, they run, weight train and play basketball at the park.

Since being on Bios Life Slim, their whole family has changed. They have a more fulfilling marriage and a better relationship with their children. Their family now spends more time together and is much more active. Royce is so happy to have lost the weight with Bios Life Slim. His children were such a strong motivation for him to improve his health. He is pleased to know that he will be able to be around for them and his grandchildren in the future.

This family now have their health back under control and are great role models for their children. Royce believes that it was Bios Life Slim that made all the difference with his weight loss.