What Sets Bios Life Slim Apart?

14th July 2011

What sets bios life slim apartIt’s no coincidence that 80% of all Type 2 Diabetics and Pre Diabetics are also overweight. When Insulin is present in your body for long periods of time – as it is for those with Type 2 Diabetes and Pre Diabetes because your blood sugar is consistently high… Your body will not burn fat naturally. Instead, it stores fat, and you gain weight.

Some of the fat your body stores is in your midsection. This includes dangerous visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that’s difficult to get rid of because it’s found deeper within your body, and can begin to surround vital organs like the liver. Visceral fat is also linked to Insulin resistance, which is the precursor to Pre Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes is simply an extreme case of Insulin resistance.

Most supplements that claim to help lower your blood sugar naturally, usually only provide a temporary solution, if any help at all – They don’t address the source of the problem and as soon as you stop taking it, the problem reappears.

What sets Bios Life Slim apart?

What sets Bios Life Slim™ apart is that it has been clinically proven to restart your body’s natural fat burning ability (something your body is not doing right now), by stabilizing both your blood sugar level and your body’s Insulin level. When your blood sugar and Insulin levels are balanced and your body starts burning fat naturally again, long lasting health improvements are made.

Bios Life Slim™ includes a proprietary ingredient called Biosphere Fiber™. The Biosphere Fiber in Bios Life Slim™ moderates blood glucose (sugar) levels in both Diabetics & Pre Diabetics through two mechanisms:

1. First, it delays the absorption of glucose in your body, so your blood sugar does not reach extreme levels. This relieves stress on the pancreas, and allows your pancreas to produce the correct amount of insulin to facilitate glucose absorption into your cells. The same amount of glucose is eventually absorbed – it just takes more time to absorb it.

2. Second, the Biosphere Fiber also changes the Glycemic index of the food and liquids you consume. The Glycemic index (GI) ranks foods on how they affect your blood sugar levels, and measures how much your blood sugar increases in the two or three hours after eating.

Some foods cause a high level of blood sugar, while others cause a low level of blood sugar. The interaction of Bios Life Slim™ with the food reduces the overall level of blood sugar, and spreads out glucose absorption over a longer period of time.

The conclusion – Your blood sugar and insulin levels begin to stabilize again.