The Science behind Bios Life Slim

30th August 2011

Do you ever wonder why despite all the fat free foods, weight loss programmes and gym memberships available, so many of us seem to be getting fatter? We are constantly bombarded through the media of how to lose fat! Did you know our bodies already know how?


As we eat our bodies convert our food into glucose, a simple sugar that travels through our bloodstream. Glucose is the primary food for our cells, wheather its muscle, brain or heart they all feed on glucose.

As glucose moves through our bloodstream the pancreas releases insulin, insulin is the ‘gate keeper’ of our cells. It opens the door allowing glucose to be used for our energy needs. Without insulin our cells cant be fed. If you eat more than you need, the excess glucose is stored as fat cells or FFA (free fatty acids). Once glucose has been removed from the bloodstream insulin closes the doors to our cells and slowly leaves our body.

When our body needs more energy or glucose, it turns to the FFAs (free fatty acids). The free fatty acids go right back into the bloodstream to feed our cells, they dont need insulin to open the cell doors, thats why they are referred to as free fatty acids. This natural process of storing fat when you have too much glucose and burning fat when you don’t have enough glucose is how your body was designed to work. In a perfect world, eating a perfect diet, everything works perfectly.

Unfortunatley we don’t live in a perfect world, and most of us dont come close to eating a perfect diet. As a result we don’t benefit from this natural process very often. Instead we suffer by storing too much fat, and rarely if ever burning any.

There is a way to break this cycle, Bios Life Slim. A simple, natural way to restore our bodys natural fat burning process. If you are in a hurry to lose that excess fat and want to accelerate your success with Bios Life Slim. We suggest five simple adjustments that you can start today;

5 Adjustments;
1. Eat a high Protein Breakfast
2. Along with taking BLS, eat 3 healthy meals
3. Space meals appropriately (4-4-12 rule, see how it works)
4. Increase physical activity
5. Decrease junk food intake (incl soft drinks and sports drinks)

Bios Life Slim is the natural way to turn your body from a fat storing machine to a fat burning machine. See some of our real stories from people that have had amazing success with Bios Life Slim.