How to BSlim – with Bios Life Slim

29th August 2011

Nobody likes feeling fat. Where did all this extra weight come from? All of us, over the years, seem to accumulate weight more easily on our bodies than we want to carry! It sneaks up on us and then before we know it, we can’t fit into our favorite jeans anymore. Since the weight crept on, it’s best to get that weight back off with a plan that includes Bios Life Slim, sensible eating and exercise. Follow the tips below to start your way back to health, fitness and loser jeans.

1. Take SLIM twice a day before your 2 largest meals – This will help get your body back into fat burning mode, naturally.

2. To get the weight off and keep it off, you’ll need to incorporate SLIM into your everyday meal routine and change your eating and exercise habits. Healthy eating should include fruits, vegetables and lean meat/proteins in your meals. try to cut down on the starches like rice, cereals and breads. If you eat grains, make sure they are whole grains. Avoid juices, alcohol, sugary drinks and desserts.

3. Begin and commit to an exercise program that suits your lifestyle and personality. If you have a dog, it can be something as easy as walking the dog at least 3 times a week. If you like to swim get to the local pool! Start your new routine slowly and build up to give your body time to adjust. Taking SLIM will help improve your energy levels so you should find exercising much easier!

4. Drink lots of water. Drinking a glass of water when you feel like eating is a good way to curb that hungry feeling, while rehydrating your body. Keeping hydrated is also key to using SLIM, this will help flush it through your system.

5. Don’t read or watch TV while eating. You won’t be aware of how much you are eating. Slowing down to focus and enjoy your food at mealtimes will mean you won’t shift to auto pilot eating, it will aslo mean you digest your food more effectively.

6. Avoid snacking – Taking SLIM will help to curb any cravings you have so not snacking between meals will be easier.