Bios Life Slim Ingredients – Product Information Summary

Biosphere Fiber™ Guar Gum
Gum Arabic
Locust Bean
Citrus Pectin
Oat Fiber
Beta Glucans
4 grams A patented blend of 5 highly soluble fibers combined with mineral carbonate that quickly forms a fiber matrix in the digestive tract. 

– Reduces appetite and absorption of fat
– Glucose is moderated by delayed absorption and decreased glycemic index of carbohydrates allowing for fat burning.
– Bile acid is sequestered and decreases cholesterol levels.
– Beta Glucans are a key factor in immune health.

Unicity 7X™ Proprietary blend of plant derived polysaccharides
Flavor – Orange juice powder with Citric acid and sucralose
Helps restore the brains sensitivity to Leptin* 

This decreases appetite and cravings and increases metabolism which is key to FAT LOSS

*Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells which helps regulate appetite and metabolism.

On average lowers LDL 31%, raises HDL 29%

Bios Cardio
On average lowers LDL 31%, raises HDL 29% and lowers triglycerides 40%.
Lowering LDL facilitates fat burning.
Phytosterols Soy Bean Extract
Sunflower Extract
1 gram per serving* Blocks food-based cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream by blocking the cholesterol transport mechanisms in the intestinal tract.
*Foods containing at least .65g per dose of phytosterols (plant sterol esters), taken twice a day with meals for a total daily intake of 1.3g may reduce the risk of heart disease associated with high cholesterol levels and are recommended by the NCEP guidelines
Lowers LDL by inhibiting
Policosanol Sugar Cane Extract 6 mg Lowers LDL by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase without the unwanted side effects of statin medications.
Reduces LDL oxidation and platelet aggregation.
Chrysanthemum Extract 12.5 mg Activates an enzyme called 7-alpha hydroxylase that removes LDL cholesterol and converts it into bile acids.
Bios Vitamin
Beta Carotene
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl)
750 IU 15%
45 mg 75%
20 IU 67%


Antioxidants that help prevent Lipid and LDL oxidation and strengthen the immune system
Chromium polynicotinate
100 mcg 84%
Enhances effectiveness of insulin–reduces blood glucose levels
Calcium Carbonate
60 mg 6%
Provides for gel like matrix formation in the digestive tract which delays absorption of food, especially carbohydrates.
Vitamin B complex
B1 Thiamin
B2 Riboflavin
B3 Niacin
B6 Pyridoxine
B7 Biotin
B9 Folate
B12 Cyanocobolamin
2 mg 134%
2 mg 118%
26 mcg 130%
7 mg 350%
20 mcg 7%
220 mcg 55%
25 mcg 417%


Powerful B complex that helps breakdown nutrients into energy. 


Biotin helps metabolism and use of free fatty acids for energy

Zinc Gluconate
2.33 mg 16%
Essential for cellular health
3 mcg 5%
May inhibit LDL oxidation